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Dr Nicole Carvill


Whether your child is experiencing anxiety, having trouble remembering what their teacher taught them, or you’re banging your head against the wall in frustration, one thing’s for sure: getting the right information and the right support changes everything.

I’m Dr Nicole Carvill. I’m a psychologist, researcher and presenter with 20 years experience, a PhD and a profound passion for empowering kids and families to thrive. Most importantly, I’m a mother of two children. This role deepens my professional understanding and fuels my fascination for how the brain really works.

My Approach // Knowledge + Strategies = Hope

I assess children through the lens of psychologist but with the heart of a parent. As a mother, I know that your child is your world. You want them to thrive and I’m here to share the knowledge, strategies and tools that will make the difference.

I believe that knowledge is power. Once you understand why your child behaves the way they do, your empathy builds and your confidence in knowing how to manage their behaviour increases. I’m interested in assessment and early identification of the cognitive challenges associated with developmental delay, autism, attention and working memory difficulties in children and adolescents and the interventions available to overcome them.

EMPATHETIC // As a young child, I remember the sense of hopelessness pervading my family when my brother was diagnosed with an intellectual disability. I grew up hearing the negative names thrown at my brother and recognised that his diagnosis felt like an insurmountable problem to my parents. While social attitudes have changed since I was a girl, I understand that many families carry an inheritance of fear and misunderstanding when they walk through my door. Today, I help families feel positive, empowered and clear about how they can best understand, manage and support their kids. 

PROFESSIONAL // As a psychologist with over 20 years experience, I’m fascinated with neuroplasticity because it proves that the brain can change. This is important, because sadly — too many families feel that if their child has a cognitive challenge or diagnosis, he or she is doomed to struggle or fail to fit in. This is untrue. My years of professional experience and research into children’s psychology, specifically neuroplasticity, learning and behaviour, has demonstrated how children (and their families!) can thrive given the right information, the right strategies and the right support.

FORWARD-THINKING // Nothing lights me up more than guiding kids and families through the process of understanding how their brain works. In 2009 I undertook further training and became the first Cogmed Qualified Practice in Victoria (the second in Australia). Cogmed improves attention. I love it because I’ve seen the positive changes Cogmed has made in the lives of my clients, as well as my own kids.


+ Assessments/Diagnostic

+ Cogmed (combined with mindfulness and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) to build attention, memory and a growth mindset.

+ TALI TrainTM a computer based program designed to boost attention in children with Autism under 8 years of age.

Free School based support – NEW!

+ Behaviour management support

+ Counselling

+ Parent support/coaching to understand the reasons for behaviour and become more connected to your children.


+ Presenter for the Pearson Academy on understanding the impact of working memory and attention on learning and life.

+ Awarded PhD scholarship to research how to support people caring for a child, parent or partner with additional needs as a result of an intellectual disability, mental illness or age. I’ve met many amazing and inspiring people so far.

+ Researched the impact of pregnancy on memory skills (and after two pregnancies I know all about the brain drain during pregnancy!).

+ Worked within a Multi-disciplinary Autism Assessment Team under guidance of Dr Richard Eisenmajer at Gateway Support Services.

+ Worked with Preschool children with developmental delays while supporting their families, Specialist Children’s Services.

+ Worked as a Clinician within the Behaviour Intervention Support Team, Disability Services [DHS].

+ Regional Co-Ordinator (Barwon South Western region of Victoria) for Program for Students with Disabilities, Lewis & Lewis Psychological Consultancy.


+ I regularly blog about the latest thinking about developmental delay, autism, memory, attention deficit disorder, learning, anxiety, mindfulness and well-being. Read the latest post here.

+ In my experience, when we feel stressed or anxious it’s because we don’t have the information or the support we need.  To get the right information about your child and discover how you can best support their needs, you can arrange a consultation with me.

I can’t wait to support your journey.

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