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Individual Consultations

We can meet face to face at our clinic in Geelong, Victoria, or via Skype for some psychologist consultations. We provide a range of psychological, assessment and intervention services to children (aged 3 to 17 years)  and their families on an individual basis.  All services are evidence based and tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

Step One: The initial consultation.

When working with children we like to have an initial session without your child present to provide us with the opportunity for a frank and open discussion about your concerns about your child’s development and learning and your hopes for the future.

As a parent I know that this type of dialogue is not possible when your child is sitting in the room listening to every word that is being spoken! The information that is collected during this interview helps to determine the next step which may include one or more of the following options:

Step Two: Comprehensive assessment of  your child’s:

We are now providing comprehensive diagnostic assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia, Developmental Delay, Learning Difficulties and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Step Three:

The information gathered during steps 1 and 2 is used to inform you about your child’s strengths and areas of challenge and to develop an individualised plan to help your child to reach their potential and attain the goals that we have developed.

From experience we have learned that it is fantastic to have a plan in place but ongoing support to implement that plan and to persist when times get tough is critical. We will be there to support your child and you through your journey for as long as you need.

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