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Our Team

Our Team

Join our team! Due to continued growth we are recruiting Psychologists who share our mission to empower children and their families to thrive.  If you have experience and enjoy working with children, adolescents and their parents we are keen to hear from you.  If you are interested in applying a full or part time position then please contact us here.

Dr Nicole Carvill

Learn more about Dr Carvill, Psychologist, here.

Kym Helman, Personal Assistant

I am a mother of two beautiful children, one of whom has high functioning Autism. I have found since her diagnosis I have become even more passionate to help others families with similar day to day experiences as ours and therefore by joining the team at Think Psychologists I have been able to realise that dream.
I enjoying helping my children achieve and overcome their challenges and feel I have the credentials required as I draw on my own experience, coupled with my empathy towards my family and other families like ours.

Trudy Booker, Psychologist

I have been working in the education setting for 25 years in different capacities.

After teaching for 9 years I completed my Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology and began working as a School Psychologist within the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD).

As a primary school teacher I have taught all year levels.  This has provided me with valuable insight into what happens in the classroom setting, from a teacher and student perspective.  I have an understanding of the how a classroom works.

I have worked as a psychologist (SSSO) for 10 years on a part-time basis.  This role has included assessments, programming and counselling.

I currently work privately and in a local secondary school, with educational assessment being my primary focus.

My interest and passion has always been within the education setting and working with children.  The majority of my work has been focused around supporting children with special needs.  As a teacher I understood the importance for children to operate from an Individual Learning Program and cater programs to their individual learning needs.  This passion has carried through to my work as a psychologist where I am passionate about identifying how a child learns and communicating this to parents and teachers to ensure that the child is supported within the education setting.

Melissa Bailey, Psychologist

BSc(Psych), GradDip Psych, GradDip Prof Psych, MProf Psych Prac

I have gained experience delivering psychological services in clinic based settings, primary schools, tertiary institutes and in community health care services, working with children, adolescents and adults. Through these experiences, I have developed a keen interest in working with children and adolescents, particularly with anxiety and emotional regulation.

My approach to working with young people includes both individual and group based counselling, utilising interventions such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Relaxation Training, Behaviour Management and Social Skills Training.

I also have experience administering educational and cognitive assessments and providing strategies to parents and teachers to help children utilise their strengths and reach their full potential.

 Simone Smith, Early Intervention Adviser / Specialist

 I started my career as an early childhood teacher whist awaiting a paediatric nursing intake, and have never looked back! I have a great passion for working with children and their families, and feel very lucky that I work in a field I really love.
Through my early teaching days, I had many families in my centre with complex developmental needs, and 20 years ago was given an opportunity to work in specialist children’s services, and that has become my major work focus.
I have worked for Scope, Specialist Children’s Services and Gateways Support Services, and have experience in working with children with physical and complex medical needs, developmental delay, autism and other additional needs. My philosophy is that children are not defined by a diagnosis, and are all very individual with great scope to develop in their own way with opportunities, guidance and appropriate supports.
Some of the services I have provided over the past 8 years as an Early Intervention Adviser at Gateways have included:
*consultancy to each child’s kindergarten/ childcare or school placement
* family service coordination/ key worker role for a child and their family with regular home or office visits to support family and child priorities and planning. This has included behaviour support management, visual systems development, creating relevant social stories to address issues…
*kindergarten and school transition support
*report writing / representation at key medical and planning meetings
* provision of social skills group programs for kinder and lower primary age children
*coordination of a therapy playgroup for 2 -4 year old children to support families and child development.
*sandplay therapy sessions for children to facilitate their regulation and progress
My qualifications include an early childhood teaching degree and practitioner of Sandplay Therapy, Australia. I also have accreditation as a Level 2 Floor time therapist. Perhaps my greatest qualification is that I am a mother of 3 adult children!

I am really excited to be a new member of the Think Psychology team, and work in partnership with each child and their family, and support networks. I have a really good understanding and connection with local services, and have worked with NDIS since they commenced services in our region.

Services I provide include:

– individual sandplay therapy sessions with children
-family service coordination / key worker role for families with children with additional needs
-transition support and consultancy to child’s educational services
-other services as they arise through your child’s plan.

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